How to Get Incubated by MStarter


Are you looking to get incubated by MStarter?

How do we manage to establish if a startup company can be accepted into our MStarter incubation programs?

Is there a trial by fire one needs to pass before we can let that company in?

The answer is quite simple.

We put together a set of guidelines to be followed by those looking to join us in order to gain access to our vast resources and our technical, commercial and legal expertise.

But, before we present our set of guidelines for startup companies, a word of caution is necessary.

Since we are dealing with a great number of applications from various industries, we have to preserve a certain degree of confidentiality and we can only disclose a limited number of elements that need to be respected by those who apply with MStarter.

Thus, interested parties looking to join MStarter should take this article as an introduction to our tech incubator’s requirements and contact us directly for the official Business Proposal Guidelines.

Having said that, we will do our best to preserve the spirit of our guidelines further on and future unicorns can use this article as a good starting point.

So, dear startups, start from the questions below to see if you have the right answers to qualify as MStarter incubatees.


MStarter “Incubate My Business” Guidelines

1. What is your vision and what are the core values behind your business?

We need to know what actually motivates you and what are the main principles supporting your company.

How is your product going to change the world? Is there any element of innovation in your business?

What are you bringing new to the software/tech industry?

2. What is your business about?

Present your business idea(s) to us.

Let us know what products or services your business builds or delivers.

Are they really necessary for a particular target audience? Why?

3. Why have you chosen this type of business/industry?

Is there any special reason you have chosen this field of activity?

Do you have the necessary experience to succeed in this area?

4. How did you start this startup company?

Tell us how it all started for you.

Is this an idea you recently had or is this a dream you wanted to transform into reality for some time?

What took you so long?

5. Have you acquired any funding by now? Do you have your own funds, or have you already attracted other investors? Who are they?

We need to know what financial support you already have in order to understand how much more you still need to make your startup business a success.

In case you have already attracted other investors, what did they receive in exchange? Are they just angels or they are VCs who got equity in return?

6. Do you have a financial plan? Are you aware of your expenses and costs?

We need to know if you are aware of the financial aspects of your business.

We understand everything starts with a dream, but reality is based on cash.

So, we need to see that you have a clear view of your revenues, expenses and day-to-day costs.

7. Do you have a solid marketing plan or strategy?

MStarter looks for startup businesses that reside in the TIE area, that is Tech-Internet-E-Commerce.

Usually, every business that comes from this space is strongly connected to online marketing.

Tell us more about your strategy. It’s ok if you already have a great network into your industry and you want to combine the online with the offline promotion. Tell us more about that.

8. Who are the people that work in your company?

MStarter is more than an incubator.

We are also an investor and we need to know that you really understand your business model. At the same time, for a company to succeed, it is necessary to have the right type of people.

So, who is already working with you and why have you chosen them for your company?



We tried to preserve the spirit of our submission guidelines and interested parties should take this piece of content as a simple introduction to our incubator’s application process for incubatees.

Therefore, this is just a starting point for those who look to join us and we invite them to contact us directly for more information.


If you are looking for financial support, technical and marketing expertise, plus great mentoring and networking options, MStarter is ready to assist you. If you have the right ideas, we have the right tools.


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