5 Good Reasons Your Startup Should Join an Incubator


Are you looking to join an incubator for your startup company?

As new companies continue to emerge, we find a great number of them focusing on tech, financial and online services.

Some of their business ideas and visions could really improve life as we know it, but do they have the necessary experience, connections and tools to turn dreams into reality?

Every successful business requires enthusiasm, passion and a great team.

But one has to consider additional challenges that will appear once the activity starts, such as:

  • tech requirements
  • financial details
  • funding activities
  • business set up
  • mentoring and networking
  • marketing and media support
  • legal
  • HR assistance
  • office working space

Is your business ready to face all these challenges or should you join an incubator that has been specially designed to take all that into account?

Let’s find out the main reasons your startup company should join an incubator.


5 Benefits for startups joining an incubator


1. Business validation

Incubators are happy to receive promising startups and grow them to unicorn status.

But that doesn’t mean an incubator will accept any type of startup. Some tech incubators only accept startup companies from the TIE area: Technology – Internet – E-Commerce.

Before joining an incubator, a startup needs to pass a few validation tests and respond to some essential questions:

  • Is my business idea viable?
  • Do I have the right technical team behind?
  • Do I know how to bring customers aboard?

If you managed to find the right answers to these questions it is highly likely you’ll be accepted inside an incubator. Incubators have the necessary experience to recognise high-potential business ideas and propel young companies into mature enterprises.


2. Administration assistance and facilities

Running a business includes daily tasks someone needs to cover, from legal aspects and HR details to co-working space. Mundane responsibilities are part of every business and you need people in charge of them.

Startup companies require infrastructure for everyday activities, such as meeting rooms, printers, reliable Internet and great coffee! Maybe even a kitchen.

And this is where an incubator becomes again useful. Why worry about all these details when you want to build the next unicorn? 

Working in a professional location makes your business real in the eyes of the world, including your own team.


3. Networking

The startup industry may seem like a small world, but it becomes small only after spending some time there and actually knowing the people that are connected to investors, influencers, mentors and event organizers.

If you are new to this industry and you don’t have a strong network established, it is good to have an incubator supporting your business and ease your introduction into the startup world.

This way, you are soon in contact with a great number of industry experts, partners and mentors who can really help your business grow.


4. Funding

The world revolves around money and the same thing is valid for the startup businesses.

Ask any entrepreneur what is the biggest challenge for a new business and most of them will mention access to funding sources.

Incubators are already well-connected to investors, angels and government funding programs and they are able to provide valuable advice on how to connect to these sources of funding.

Some tech incubators choose to invest directly into startups and offer all the necessary support, from technical tools and marketing guidance to legal assistance.


5. Mentorship and learning

Incubators bring together professionals from multiple professional areas. Inside an incubator you can find both mentors and people who are ready to assist your business development.

Do you need a content writer, a designer, a marketing specialist or maybe a developer? You may not have those positions covered in your startup, but they can become available when joining an incubator.

To help businesses grow and disseminate knowledge inside the startup industry, incubators frequently send invitations and look to be in touch with major influencers from all fields of work.

These occasions are valuable for entrepreneurs who want to learn more and gain access to valuable insights from the startup industry.


Are you ready to join an incubator?

There are various types of incubators in the startup industry and we did our best to focus on the main benefits they bring to startups.

The startup ecosystem is however constantly changing and different businesses come with different needs.

Our tech incubator has been designed to assist startup companies that look to grow fast by offering a large array of services from co-working spaces to marketing and financial support.

Yes, you read that correct, our tech incubator does more than offering technical, legal and commercial support.

We are also investing in the startup companies we choose to push into the market and we deploy many efforts to grow young companies into unicorns of the digital space.


Are you looking to become the next unicorn in the digital space?

If you look for financial support, technical and marketing expertise, plus great mentoring and networking options, our team of professionals is ready to incubate your business. Contact us and let’s talk business.


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